English Maths Physics Biology Social
Unit-1A Peace and Harmony Unit-1 Knowing Our Numbers Unit-1 Playing With Magnets Unit-1 Our Food Unit-1 Reading and Making Maps
Unit-1B I Want Peace Unit-2 Whole Numbers Unit-2 Rain: Where Does It Come From? Unit-2 What Do Animals Eat? Unit-2 Globe – A Model of the Earth
Unit-1C Grand Contest in the Forest Unit-3 Playing with Numbers Unit-3 Materials and Things Unit-3 Habitat Unit-3 Land Forms of Andhra Pradesh
Unit-2A The Lost Casket Unit-4 Basic Geometrical Ideas Unit-4 Separation Of Substances Unit-4 Fiber to Fabric Unit-4 Salakamcheruvu-A Village on the Plateau
Unit-2B In the Bazaars of Hyderabad Unit-5 Measures of Lines and Angles Unit-5 Changes Around Us Unit-5 Plants: Parts and Functions Unit-5 Kunavaram-Tribal Villages on the Hills
Unit-2C Tyagaraja, the Immortal Musician Unit-6 Integers Unit-6 Simple Electric Circuits Unit-6 Water In Our Life Unit-6 From Gathering Food to Growing food – The Earliest People
Unit-3A What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents Do? Unit-7 Fractions and DecimalsUnit Unit-7 Learning How to Measure Unit-7 Movements in Animals Unit-7 Agriculture in Our Times
Unit-3B A Nation’s Strength Unit-8 Data Handling Unit-8 Light, Shadows and Images Unit-8 Living and Non Living Unit-8A Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part-A
Unit-3C Wilma Rudolph Unit-9 Introduction to Algebra Unit-8B Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part-B
Unit-4A An Adventure Unit-10 Perimeter and Area Unit-9 Community Decision Making in a Tribe
Unit-4B The Naughty Boy Unit-11 Ratio and Proportion Unit-10 Emergerce of Kingdoms and Republics?
Unit-4C Robinson Crusoe Unit-12 Symmetry Unit-11 First Empires
Unit-5A Plant a Tree Unit-13 Practical Geometry Unit-12 Democratic Government
Unit-5B If a Tree Could Talk Unit-14 Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes Unit-13 Village Panchayts
Unit-5C Children, Speak Up! Unit-14 Local Sef-Government in Urban Areas
Unit-6A P.T.Usha, the Golden Girl Unit-15 Diversity in Our Society
Unit-6B Indian Cricket Team Unit-16 Towards Gender Equality
Unit-6C Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Unit-17 Religion and Society in Early Times
Unit-18 Devotion and Love towards God
Unit-19 Language, Writing and Great Books
Unit-20 Sculptures and Buildings