English Maths Physics Biology Social
Family: Reading A : The Tattered Blanket Rational Numbers Force What is Science Reading and Analysis of Maps
Reading B : My Mother (Poem) Linear Equations in One Variable Friction Cell - The Basic Unit of Life Energy from the Sun
Reading C : Letter to a Friend Construction of Quadrilaterals Synthetic fibres and plastics Story of Micro Organisms-Part-I Earth Movements and Seasons
Social Issues: Reading A : Oliver Asks for More Exponents and Powers Metals and non-metals Story of Micro Organisms-Part-II The Polar Regions
Reading B : The Cry of Children (Poem) Comparing Quantities using Proportion Sound Reproduction in Animals Forests:Using and Protecting them
Reading C : Reaching the Unreached Square Roots and Cube Roots Coal and Petroleum Reaching the Age of Adolescence Minerals and Mining
Humanity: Reading A : The Selfish Giant (Part I) Frequency Distribution Tables and Graphs Combustion, fuels and Flame Bio Diversity Money and Banking
Reading B : The Selfish Giant (Part II) Exploring Geometrical Figures Electric conductivity of liquids Different Ecosystems Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
Reading C : The Garden Within (Poem) Area of Plane Figures Some natural phenomena Production of Food From Plants Public Health and the Government
Art and Culture: Reading A : The Story of Ikat Direct and Inverse Proportions Stars and solar system Production of Food From Animals Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
Reading B : The Earthen Goblet (Poem) Algebraic Expressions Not to Drink - Not to Breath National Movement - The Early Phase 1885-1919
Reading C : Maestro with a Mission Factorisation Why Do We Fall ill National Movement - The Last Phase 1919-1947
Women Empowerment: Reading A : Bonsai Life Part I Visualizing 3-D in 2-D Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
Reading B : Bonsai Life Part II Surface Areas and Volumes (Cube-Cuboid) The Indian Constitution
Reading C : I Can Take Care of Myself Playing with Numbers Parliament and Central Governmenta
Gratitude: Reading A : Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis Law and Justice - A Case Study
Reading B : Be Thankful (Poem) Abolition of Zamindari System
Reading C : The Dead Rat Understanding Poverty
Rights Approach to Development
Social and Religious Reform Movements
Understanding Secularism
Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times
Film and Print Media
Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
Disaster Management